Frequently Asked Questions

The ABCmouse for Schools classroom account is 100% free to your school.
All parents will receive the first 30 days free upon activating redemption code. Post 30 day free trial subscription cost is $7.95 per month (holds 3 children per account).
Yes, we can provide classrooms and parent materials for each Individual center.
Kid Orange Tech’s team of Educational Advisors are always available to help you to set up, manage, and troubleshoot your ABCmouse for Schools classroom account(s). This is a free service for preschools and childcare centers.
Yes, the classroom account is yours to keep for free.
You can still participate by sending home the parent letters to provide over 7,000 educational activities in all subjects.
Procare Software partnered with ABCmouse for Schools to provide all their schools free access to ABCmouse for Schools. They believe in the product and wanted their schools to have easy access to it by installing the Extra for ABCmouse for Schools.
Please call our Educational Advisors at 888-906-0671 EXT 120. We’ll walk you through the transmission details.
ABCmouse for Schools classroom accounts are designed to work with your existing hardware, including desktop computers, laptops, smartboards, tablets and smartphones. Devices must be connected to Wifi in order to access ABCmouse for Schools. Our Kid Orange Tech Educational Advisors can help you to get started.
Yes, we have several resources for teachers.  Our Educational Advisors are happy to provide training materials.   Call us at  888-906-0671 EXT 103
School accounts are setup through an Enterprise Management System that includes a statistics tab to easily view and analyze individual data and aggregated student data.