ABCmouse for Schools is as Easy as 1-2-3 with the Procare Software Extra

Kid Orange Tech offers ABCmouse for Schools free to preschools; however, a common concern among directors is that installing and managing a new program may be too much work. Who wants to constantly update rosters with changing enrollment data? What if you have questions about installing or using the program?


Kid Orange Tech makes it easy with the Procare Software Extra, and a team of friendly Educational Advisors to help you every step of the way. And both are free for preschools through our joint partnership.

A one-time installation of the ABCmouse for Schools Procare Software Extra allows you to easily transmit the names of current students along with their classroom information. It’s easy to get started — download the extra here ( and then call Kid Orange Tech at (888) 906-0671 to complete the process. That’s it! After that initial installation, new enrollments, disenrollments and classroom changes are automatically transmitted– no need to spend your time on updates.

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Our Educational Advisors are available to help you as you launch and use ABCmouse for Schools in your classrooms. For example, your teachers can contact our team if they’d like suggestions on building a specific lesson plan, or have a question about using ABCmouse for Schools features. And this support from our Educational Advisors is always free for classroom accounts.

Using ABCmouse for Schools in your preschool classrooms is a proven way to increase parent engagement and student achievement. The Procare Software Extra makes it easy to grow your business and increase retention through the use of this innovative and free program. To learn more, please visit our Procare Software page.

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